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Experts in forensic delay analysis

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Experts in Dispute Resolution

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Experts in Construction claims and contract management 

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Qualified Arbitrators and Adjudicators

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Minimize risks and maximize profits

We assist our clients in the construction, engineering, and manufacturing sectors to reduce risk during both the pre- and post-award phases of contract awards. This is achieved by thorough analysis of contract terms, detailed risk management,development of claim strategies, and effective creation and management of schedules of work.
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We are experts in construction contract management, forensic delay analysis, quantum determination, payment dipsutes, claim management and risk management.
We help owners, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to reduce risks and avoid disputes.
Pre-award Analysis

We provide technical project services to help identify risks and increase winning chances. we help by contract analysis, proactive claim strategy, risk management, and schedule creation and support

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Alternative Dispute Resoultion

We are licensed and qualified arbitrators and Adjudicators. We are qualified as Expert witnesses. We help and advise in the preparation of cases. In addition, we serve as Arbitrators & adjudicators.

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Post-award Project delivery

We support our clients in all project delivery endeavours such as complying with contract terms and deliverables. Executing a comprehensive risk plans. In addition, we protect our client's interests against any claims and disputes. Ensure that a proactive claim management plan is in place. 

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