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At our core, we are a team of passionate individuals driven by a common goal - to reduce disputes in the construction industry. Our journey began in 2020 with a vision to transform how organizations handle contractual challenges using proactive approach, technology and AI.
We are committed to empowering construction companies engaged in complex projects and give our clients a competitive edge, preparing them for the present and future with less claims and more profit. 

We have expanded our horizons and built a strong portfolio of clients and complex projects. 

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Driven by Passion, Advanced by Dedication

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Mo Wahba, Mohammad Wahba

 Mohammad (Mo) Wahba

  Principal Consultant
Mo is a civil engineer and project director with over 20 years of experience managing complex infrastructure and ICI projects. Throughout his years of experience, Mo gained a deep understanding of delay analysis, contract disputes and alternative dispute resolution. Mo reinforced his experience with additional law and arbitration studies that qualified him to serve as an arbitrator.

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Why Enlyten Circle

We believe that every problem has many solutions

We are a network of professionals with diverse expertise
We work in different industries

We believe in deadlines, high quality, out-of-box thinking and short turnaround time.