Expert determination 

What is Expert determination ?
Expert Determination is a specialized form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) specifically tailored for the construction industry. It involves appointing an independent expert with deep knowledge in construction to resolve disputes arising from construction projects. This process is highly efficient, confidential, and less formal compared to Adjuducation or arbitration.
Why Expert determination ?
Expert determination is suited for construction projects. it is designed to save time and money. It's less formal and quicker than other ADR Forms. It could be binding and final depedning on contract lanaguge 
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We are a network of experts specializing in various fields.
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What is Arbitration?
Arbitration is a streamlined alternative to court trials, involving a neutral arbitrator who decides the outcome after hearing all parties. Arbitration decsion is binding.
Why Arbitration?
Choose arbitration for faster and more affordable dispute resolution. It reduces the complexity, cost and duration of legal processes, providing a straightforward path to better collaboration.
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We are qualified arbitrators accredited by ADRIO (Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario). Our commitment is to ensure the fairness of the process and the equal respect of all parties involved. We specialize in facilitating arbitration hearings, making them more accessible and easier to navigate, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the arbitration process or are not represented by legal counsel.
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What is Adjudication?
Adjudication involves a quick decision-making process by an appointed adjudicator in legal disputes. It's recognized for its efficiency, cutting down on the lengthy timelines often associated with court cases.
Why Adjudication?
Adjudication is ideal for urgent dispute resolution, particularly in industries like construction. It is mandated by some legislation, such as the Ontario Construction Act 2019, emphasizing its importance in ensuring prompt decisions that are crucial for maintaining project timelines and budgets.
How can we help?
We are qualified adjudicators accredited by the ODACC (Ontario Dispute Adjudication for Construction Contracts). As the Authorized Nominating Authority (ANA) for adjudicators in Ontario, ODACC sets the standards for dispute resolution within the construction sector. Our specialization lies in the construction field, with a particular focus on railway and infrastructure projects. Our team possesses extensive expertise in managing and resolving disputes in these areas, ensuring efficient and equitable solutions for all parties involved
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